Sunday, November 27, 2005

Scary Vegetable Letterbox Series
South Mountain Park, Allentown PA

South Mountain Park in Allentown is normally a pretty nondescript park aside South Mountain with the exception of a set of very scary vegetables found hiding therein. Why should Pumpkins have all the fun? Other Veggies can be pretty scary, especially to the young at heart!

South Mountain Park can be accessed from the Intersection of South 10th Street and Emaus Avenue and heading South on 10th St. until you enter the park. A one-way loop proceeds right and runs counterclockwise about an underground reservoir which is central to this series. Park anywhere and approach the reservoir, as clues in this series rely on what you can learn by walking around the reservoir. The unusual U shaped breather pipes give away the location of the reservoir tank.

Some data you ought to collect:

A = Number of Breather Pipes
B = Number of Large Manholes
C = Number of Small Manholes
D = Number of Pumping Turrets
E = Number of Plates
SPOR = Suspicious Pile of Rocks
SPOL = Suspicious Pile of Logs

Evil Eggplant

Proceed to the NW Corner of the reservoir field and go down the steep downhill to the right. A fenced in communications tower is at CC°, and you should go to the NW corner of this fence. A multi-trunk tree is at (10*A-C)° and (A+B) paces. Again, the NW corner of the tree SPOL conceals a spooky Eggplant.

Bad Broccoli

The NE Corner beckons you, again to go down a steep hill at (10*(A+B+E))°. Carefully cross the park drive to a stone pavilion and proceed to the NE corner. (A+B) paces at (10*C)° will get you to the sawed off stump which you shall realize was a part of double tree. Follow the path that appears at 60°, moving through some pines. At the T, proceed back 6 paces at 210°. Line up a long fallen log at a specific bearing, but travel 9 bushwhacking paces at 10 more degrees to a pine tree. SPOR at tree base hides Broccoli. If you want to see a very large root ball, go to the T and follow the trail to the left. I’d have liked to hide Broccoli here, but the area is swampy without any good hiding places.

Scary Carrot

Return to find the SE Manhole and head SE to a spot between 2 pines, about 9 paces. Aim 100° and (B*C) paces to the end of the guard rail. Mosey along the inner edge of the park drive at 40° for 40 paces, passing a NO ATV sign. See a drainage culvert across the park drive and follow it to the edge of a pond, aiming for the North Side. Continue around the North side of the pond to a rocky outcrop. You will notice another pond, but will proceed Southward along a trail down the isthmus between the ponds. You will proceed up a small hill on the SE side of the first pond after passing some gnarly rooty trees growing out of some rocks. Once your short climb is complete, you will notice a rock that can be sat upon to gaze over the pond. From this point, 190°, 10 paces to a SPOR leaning against a tree. This SPOR is part of a larger rock formation to its right.

Spooky Radish – No Math Here!

Find the SW Manhole and proceed to the edge of the guard rail at 185°, 27 paces. Skip from large rock to large rock at 210°, 30 paces. Finally another rock at 135°, 17 paces. If you went correctly, you will be in a small pull-off parking area. Follow a trail into the woods at 190°. At a trail intersection, go flat at 240°. Can you hear I-78 Yet? 16 paces to the brontosaurus necked tree. 7 more paces to the radish tree. SPOR at base. A very short climb will make some folks remember the Quarternote and Embedded Boxes. First finder of this one will get the Rock Art Buffalo HH!